Cattle Fly Repellent: Garlic is Worth its Salt

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Feb 8, 2022 11:11:20 AM

Pest Prevention: The First Line of Defense

Preventing health problems is always better than treating health problems, especially in a herd of animals that can’t tell you how they are feeling. Swarms of flies and other biting pests, are more than just an annoyance. They are very detrimental to animal health and production levels.

Animal Health/Temperament

Cattle that spend the majority of their time and energy using defensive behaviors to shoo away painful flies, spend less time eating and resting. This reduction in feeding and resting time is detrimental to all cattle but especially to nursing mothers and young calves. According to the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture “horn fly control can mean an additional 12 to 20 pounds of weight gain per calf over the summer months and reduced weight loss for nursing cows.”

Each horn fly will feed on your cattle up to 30 times a day, drawing crucial blood and nutrients from your animals. Some cows can even become anemic in the process. That means flies are not only preventing your cattle from foraging, they are stealing essential minerals and nutrition from them as well.

In addition, some fly defensive behaviors can become increasingly aggressive. Actions such as stamping, kicking, and head throwing don’t just prevent cattle from eating, they also lead to injuries for both humans and animals.  

Biting pests can also easily spread viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases throughout a herd. Pest prevention will reduce fly spread diseases and hide damage that compromise your animals immune defenses.

Boost Production/Save Money

Reducing biting pests within your herd will not only improve the health of your animals, but also the health of your budget. A study conducted by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville found that “in the United States cattle production losses due to horn flies have ranged from $730 to $876 million.” Whether your operation relies on cattle weight or milk production, horn flies alone can cause huge losses. Investing in fly repellant efforts will lead to beneficial weight gain, boost milk production, and increase the productivity of your operation. 

Benefits of Using Garlic Salt For Pest Prevention

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There are a variety of fly control methods out there that involve processing cattle through squeeze chutes, installing ear tags, rotating sprays to minimize insecticide resistance, inserting bolluses, etc. All of these methods are time and labor intensive and require cooperation from stubborn animals. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using natural garlic mineral salt for biting pest prevention.


Using your cattle’s natural cravings for salt and other minerals to administer fly repellant, is an extremely convenient method of fly control. Instead of coercing reluctant animals, you can simply serve up a delicious spread of natural garlic mineral salt, and let the cattle do the work. In addition, cattle don’t develop a resistance to garlic, like they do with other chemical treatments that have to be rotated in order to keep working. So you can ditch your repellant charts with lists of active ingredients and calendars, and get back to what you really love about raising animals. 

Natural And Effective

As time goes by, ranchers, consumers, and animals have all been enjoying a shift towards more natural practices. Garlic mineral salt is not only a delicious natural alternative to other pest repellants, it really works! While giving your cattle something delicious, you are actually making them less delicious for the pests.

garlic fly control

The Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture conducted an extensive field test on the effectiveness of garlic mineral salt for fly control. 3 herds, consisting of 150 cow/calf pairs each, were each given mineral salt, with 1 herd being fed garlic mineral salt. 

The garlic mineral salt group’s fly count was about 55% lower than the control groups. They also noticed a lot less fly avoidance behaviors in the garlic group, whose animals were able to happily enjoy a lot more time grazing and resting.

Natural Pest Control, The Redmond Way

Here at Redmond Agriculture, we understand that animals crave what helps them feel good. That is why we offer natural, effective, and perfectly balanced mineral salts that animals love. Our ancient sea salt contains all the naturally occurring trace minerals that help nourish your animals inside and out. Restore the health and happiness of your animals, release yourself from the time demands and worry of other fly control methods, and give 10 fine with garlic or Redmond natural block with garlic a try. Give us a call today at 866-709-3192;your animals will love it!

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