How to Keep Goats in a Fence

There is no such thing as “goat proof”, but here are some tips to help you stay a step ahead of your hooved escape artists and keep your goats fenced in.

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Mar 17, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Full disclosure, there is no such thing as “goat proof.” However, here are some tips to help you stay a step ahead of your hooved escape artists and keep your goats fenced in.

Goat Fencing Tips

Properly fencing in goats is never a one-and-done task, it requires regular upkeep and monitoring. 

Start with Sturdy Fencing Materials

Goats are notorious for finding fencing weaknesses that other animals just pass by.

  • Use goat tested fencing materials like woven wire, mesh, chain link, or mild electric fencing (which can also help deter predators).
  • Make sure gaps are not large enough for them to get their heads through. Most goat wire has 4x4 inch gaps, which works for adults, but not very well for kids.
  • If you have bucks, make sure your posts and fences can stand up to rut behaviors.
  • Sink posts 2-2.5 feet deep and space about 8-12 feet apart for goat enclosures.
  • Use strong, secure latches for all gates.

Increase Fence Height

Goats are natural climbers and jumpers and can use anything (including each other) to give them the boost they need to escape.

  • 4 foot high fences are generally tall enough for most goat breeds.
  • For kids, 3 foot fences may be sufficient, but will need to be monitored closely and adjusted as they grow.
  • Build higher than 4 feet for Alpine/jumping breeds like: Boers, Saanen, Nubian, Spanish, etc. Remember that individual goats within a breed can have varying levels of jumping ability. If you are considering a particular breed for your farm or homestead, it's always a good idea to research the breed's characteristics and speak with other goat owners to get real world knowledge of their jumping ability.
  • Make sure your gates are as tall as your fencing.
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Keep up on Fencing Repairs

  • Regularly check your fence for weak spots, holes, or damage. If you don’t find what needs to be fixed, your goats sure will!
  • Repair issues as quickly as possible and consider transferring your goats to a new enclosure for bigger reconstruction projects.

Provide Goats with Enough Space

Goats need plenty of space to roam and graze. If your goats feel cramped or don't have enough grazing space, they may be more likely to try to escape. The amount of space that a goat needs can vary based on factors such as their breed, age, sex, etc.

  • Generally, each adult goat should have at least 200 to 250 square feet of outdoor space for grazing and exercise.

Give Your Goats What They Need

Goats have evolved to roam and seek out nutrients, minerals, and hydration from their environment. Raising natural browsers means bringing those resources to them and making sure they have no physiological need to escape.

  • Make sure your goats have access to plenty of food, minerals, and water.
  • Keep them well-exercised and mentally stimulated. A bored or hungry goat is more likely to try to escape.
  • Put out enrichment items to satisfy curiosity and keep them entertained. Anything that can be safely climbed, pushed, rolled, kicked, licked, or chewed on will keep goats happy. Redmond Goat Mineral Rock on a Rope is great for deterring boredom behaviors, entertaining, and nourishing all at the same time!
  • Remember goats are social animals and should not be kept alone. They should be kept with at least one other goat, preferably of the same sex and age. Did you know that living with other non-lactating goats actually stimulates rumen development in kids? Read the study from the National Institute of Health.

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