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An overview of the Redmond Minerals soil building program

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Since the 1950s, Redmond Minerals has supported successful farms of all sizes with our unique minerals and volcanic supplements from central Utah. We know Nature Has it Right™, and that your land responds best to nature made formulas. That's why our products all start with a foundation of our ancient sea minerals, volcanic clay, or a combination of the two. From there, our soil health experts specially formulate amendments to meet a variety of soil building needs.

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Soil Health Concerns

Redmond Minerals has offers a variety of mineral and clay products that have proven benefits for building healthy soil. We care deeply about being responsible stewards of the land and helping you with a range of concerns so you are able to get back to what you love about growing crops. Click on each of the topics below to learn how Redmond can help your soil thrive:

Minerals Plants Need

  • Plants need more than just NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). A balanced blend of macro and micro-nutrients help increase disease resistance, stress tolerance, yields, growth rate, and nutrient density.
  • They need a balanced blend of 6 essential macro-nutrients in larger amounts (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur).
  • Plants also need 8 micro-nutrients in trace amounts (chlorine, boron, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, nickel, and molybdenum).
  • There are also 5 other beneficial minerals (sodium, selenium, cobalt, silicon, and aluminum) that can help plant hardiness and further increase growth. 

Measuring Soil Fertility

  • Testing is always the first step to building healthier soil. Blindly amending can be expensive, wasteful, and throw your soil out of balance. Luckily, soil testing doesn't need to be expensive, confusing, or time consuming. Redmond's soil test kit provides thorough results in 6-8 days with recommendations only a click away.

How to Amend Soil Texture, Quality, and Nutrients

  • Building good soil is more important than just fertilizing plants. Chemical fertilizers that heavily rely on NPK don't protect the intricate balance between macro and micro minerals. Carefully amending to nourish the web of soil-based organisms will give your plants longer lasting health than fertilization. 

Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

  • Soil EC and CEC are metrics used to measure soil fertility. Electrical conductivity levels show how many ions (positively and negatively charged particles) are present in the soil to help move nutrients around. Healthy soil has a measurable electrical current that acts like a nutrient highway for plant roots and soil based organisms.
  • Cation Exchange Capacity measures soil's ability to store essential minerals and nutrients in the form of positively charged cations. In healthy soil, plant roots can trade hydrogen cations for minerals (like magnesium, calcium, and potassium) that it can't produce for itself.     

Using Manure as Fertilizer

  • Composted manure can be a great way to add organic matter and increase the biodiversity of your soil. The combination of manure compost with sea minerals and volcanic conditioner, kickstarts the soil ecosystem so it can support long-lasting health and plant production. 

Soil Nitrogen Levels

  • Teaching your soil how to manufacture its own nitrogen is more sustainable than using heavy amounts of NPK fertilizers. Studies conducted by the University of Illinois have shown that plants much prefer naturally occurring nitrogen over added fertilizers. Supporting the nitrogen cycle and nitrogen fixing bacteria is more effective than nitrogen based fertilizers alone.

Regenerative Agriculture Practices

  • A number of regenerative agriculture methods can help build long-term health into your soil: testing your soil, amending with a broader mineral profile, avoid over applying chemical fertilizers, switching to low-till or no-till, responsible water usage, planting nitrogen storing cover crops, combining grazing and growing, rotating crops, and more.   

Mineral Leaching

  • Forces like wind, water, and erosion are continuously stripping minerals and nutrients from your soil. Building long-term health into your soil means replenishing not just macronutrients like NPK, but the entire balanced profile of micro-trace nutrients that the soil ecosystem needs in order to support your crops. 

the Soil Food Web

  • Healthy soil supports a vast ecosystem of animals, protozoa, bacteria, and fungi. These groups all work together to cycle nutrients and minerals so they become biologically and chemically available to plant roots. The life in your soil is responsible for helping plants tap into the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle, the mineral cycle, the water cycle, and more.  

Redmond Soil Supplements

Redmond soil products are specially formulated to help you build long lasting health into your soil:

  • Our sea minerals provide a boost in electrical conductivity that invigorate your soil's ecosystem along with a nature balanced blend of over 60 trace minerals.
  • Redmond volcanic conditioner is the perfect amendment to improve the nutrient storage and CEC of your soil. 

Building Healthy Soil with Redmond Minerals

Test Your SOil First 

Redmond's easy to use Soil Test Kit gives you comprehensive soil fertility measurements in just 6-8 days. Our digital dashboard puts your results, amendment rates, and product recommendations right at your fingertips. Take the guesswork out of gardening and give your soil exactly what it needs without all the waste.

Tier 1: Mineralyte Foundation

Redmond Mineralyte Foundation is the base of the Mineralyte line. This amendment is perfect for when the mineral profile of your soil is pretty good, but you need to wake up the microbial life. 

Foundation Ingredients:

Foundation Benefits:

  • Invigorate the energy of your soil (EC), feed soil microbes, and allow organisms to release nutrients back into the soil for your plants. 

How to Use Foundation:

  • Foundation is best used with your own compost source. Top dress or lightly incorporate directly on the soil. Water after application. Apply at a rate of 5lbs per 250 sq ft, or 1 cup per 30 sq ft. 

Tier 2: Mineralyte Build

Redmond Mineralyte Build adds greater fortification to your soil with more volcanic minerals.

Build Ingredients:

  • Ancient Sea Minerals, Bioavailable Humates, Redmond Conditioner, and Volcanic Minerals high in Sulfur, Potassium, and Calcium.

Build Benefits:

  • Contains a higher complement of sulfur, potassium, and calcium. Negative ions, like sulfur and nitrogen easily leach out and need to be replenished. All minerals work together and sulfur is required for chlorophyll syntheses, nitrogen fixation among other things. The higher the yield, the more sulfur is required.

How to Use Build:

  • Build is best used with your own compost source. Top dress or lightly incorporate directly on the soil. Water after application. Apply at a rate of 8lbs per 640 sq ft, or 1 cup per 50 sq ft.

Tier 3: Mineralyte Grow

Redmond Mineralyte Grow completely enriches your soil with all the needed minerals and nutrients in one easy step.

Grow Ingredients:

  • Ancient Sea Minerals, Bioavailable Humates, Redmond Conditioner, Volcanic Minerals high in Sulfur, Potassium, Calcium, and Organic Poultry Manure.

Grow Benefits:

  • A boost in nitrogen and organic matter to feed plant uptake.

How to Use Grow:

  • Grow is best used by itself as one complete amendment. Top dress or lightly incorporate directly on the soil. Water after application. Apply at a rate of 8lbs per 400 sq ft, or 1 cup per 30 sq ft.

What Customers are Saying About Redmond's Soil Products

We hear from customers all the time that Redmond's products help them get back to what they love about growing plants. Simplify your program with fast and easy testing and comprehensive amendments that take the guesswork out of growing.

Here's what customers have said about using Mineralyte:

"Love it. This is my first time that I buy this product for my medicinal plants. My seeds are doing great never before had 100 germinations."                -Manuel C

"I purchased the Grow on a recommendation. I had a tree removed and needed to seed. After I seeded, I put down the grow. Within a week there is a great deal of growth. I am very pleased with this product." -Jill H.

Here's what customers have been saying about the Redmond Soil Test Kit:


"FAST test results. We got an email one day telling us our tests had been received and got the results the next day. The results were very detailed and we now know why we could never grow broccoli successfully and the bed where we want to plant the blueberry hedge is pretty much perfect. Having the guesswork taken out of the equation is such a relief and we’ll be buying the correct fertilizer for the vegetable garden. I highly recommend having your soil tested and using Redmond Agriculture to do it.” -Cheryl Y.

"Worked perfectly! Very clear instructions easily performed and I was impressed that my soil results arrived via email about a week later. Those results gave me the clarity I needed to enhance my soil for my non-producing fruit trees. I’ll know for certain by next season. Thanks for [the] assist!" -Paul S.

Easy Test/Fast Delivery. Receive[d] our kit within three days of ordering. The kit came with instructions and the test was super easy. We shipped it back off with our sample and received an email as soon as it was received. Great customer service!” -Lisa T.

“Can’t wait for Spring Planting. I bought a soil test kit- well worth the price [and] gave me so much information. I then purchased recommended amendments. I know and trust your recommendations I cannot wait to see the results this coming growing season. Thanks so much for your expertise and products.” -Kristina W.

"Reading made EASY. Thanks for the fast results, reading this report was so trouble free. Understood what was missing in my soil with clear direction on how to combat some of my growing issues. So glad I ordered this kit on a recommendation. Well worth the price." -Denise F.

"Great Product. Great company to work with and super fast with the results!!" -Melissa

"Easy, easy, easy…easy to read, you don’t have to be a scientist to read it. Helpful with what to add if low." -Veronica P.

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