Rumen Buffers For Cattle: Redmond Conditioner vs. Sodium Bicarbonate

A side by side product comparison of sodium bicarbonate and redmond conditioner for rumen buffering

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on May 27, 2021 12:09:42 PM

Rumen pH

First, let’s take a look at how different pH levels affect the rumen (according to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries):

  • 6.2- 7: Ideal conditions for rumen microbe colony health
  • Below 6.2: Fiber digesting bacteria begin to slow down
  • Below 5.4: Fiber digesting bacteria begin to die off, lactic acid bacteria increase, and acidosis sets in

Rumen pH Scale

Buffering Rumen Acid Study: Meet the Players

West Virginia University’s (WVU) Rumen Fermentation Profiling Lab conducted a study  comparing Redmond Mineral Conditioner and traditional sodium bicarbonate. Diets for both groups were identical and rumen acid levels were measured at the same time intervals.

Sodium Bicarbonate 

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline salt that neutralizes acids. It has many uses, including in cooking (baking soda), and as heartburn or indigestion relief. Some livestock operations use sodium bicarbonate as a food additive to reduce acidosis in their ruminant herd. 

Redmond Conditioner

Redmond Mineral Conditioner is a mix of bentonite clay particles and naturally occurring minerals, harvested from a Jurassic Era, deep sea deposit in central Utah. An ancient volcano deposited ash over the deep sea mineral deposit, and formed a protective bentonite clay cap. Our conditioner naturally contains over 60 trace minerals!

Rumen Buffering Results

Rumen buffer supplement

Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Buffers rumen to neutralize acid and keep pH within safe limits
  • Supports beneficial microbial colonies necessary for digestion

Effects of Redmond Mineral Conditioner

  • Buffers rumen just as well as sodium bicarbonate to neutralize acid and keep pH within safe limits
  • Supports beneficial microbial colonies necessary for digestion just as well as sodium bicarbonate

Bonus Redmond Conditioner results found by WVU:

  • Improved fiber digestion
  • Improved carbohydrate absorption
  • Reduced rumen ammonia levels

*Read to see how switching to Redmond Minerals helped one customer’s cattle operation.

Complete Rumen Health With Redmond Minerals

In addition to the benefits listed above, Redmond Conditioner’s bentonite clay particles bind to harmful toxins in the rumen. Our mineral conditioner also contains over 60 trace minerals, perfectly balanced by nature. Watch the video below  to see how Redmond Minerals helped out dairy operations for one of our customers:

Instead of treating rumen with a slew of different products for:

  • pH buffering
  • Toxin binding
  • Fiber digestion
  • Ammonia reduction

Simplify your life by switching to Redmond Mineral conditioner and use a single product for complete rumen health. Give Redmond a call today at 866-709-3192 to try our conditioner and get back to what you love about raising animals!

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