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How to find the right beef cattle mineral supplement for your herd

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Apr 7, 2021 1:07:49 PM

A Solution For Every Herd

Here at Redmond, we know that no two cattle herds are the same. Geography, genetics, season, operation size, and many other factors can cause fluctuations in the nutritional needs of beef cattle. We know that one size doesn’t fit need options in order to select the best course for your herd. 

With this goal in mind, Redmond has spent over 50 years crafting all-natural mixes to support healthy cattle operations across the country. Within a few weeks of introducing Redmond minerals to your herd’s diet, you will notice considerable improvements in the appearance, thriftiness, and overall health of your animals.

Not All Mineral Salt Is Created Equal

Some mineral programs offer heavy doses of minerals mixed with a small amount of salt. Unfortunately with heavy mineral supplements, you can easily tip the scales too far in one direction or another. When it comes to minerals, any imbalance is unhealthy...too little is just as bad as too much.

Mineral imbalances are also unhealthy for your budget. Mineral deficiencies lead to higher vet bills, poor body condition scores, high mortality rates, and less profitable animals. Mineral excesses can also lead to higher vet bills, high mortality rates, and wasted money as your animals excrete the minerals they don’t need. Plus, some minerals taste bitter, so supplements with heavy minerals and low salt are much less palatable to your cattle. Why make your job harder than it needs to be?

Redmond 10 fine mineral salt supplement

Redmond supplements have a greater ratio of salt to trace minerals so you can naturally stabilize this imbalance. All our products are harvested from a Jurassic Era, deep sea mineral deposit in central Utah. This rich salt is the ideal carrier for over 60 trace minerals that have been perfectly balanced by nature.

Because animals instinctively crave and regulate their salt intake, salt is the easiest and most natural way to offer these other beneficial minerals. When presented with a choice between a low-salt/heavy mineral supplement and Redmond mineral salt, animals choose our product every time!

Now let’s take a look at 3 of our supplements, their benefits, and further customizations we can create for your nutrition plan.

10 Fine

If you are looking for a simple, foundational mineral program for your cattle, 10 fine is a great first step.

Foundational cattle minerals

10 Fine will provide an expansive mineral profile that improves their nutrient intake. So, if your cattle have access to good forage and feed year round, this supplement is the perfect place to begin.

  • Offer free choice year round (block or loose minerals)
  • Mix in with feed rations
  • Apply dry (25-150 lbs per acre each year) or as a foliar spray (3.5 lbs per acre 3-4 times a year) to your land to improve the taste and richness of your forage
  • For added fly control...try 10 Fine with Garlic

Read what one customer had to say about using 10 Fine for their herd:

“Redmond products have really been a blessing. I use Redmond #10 Fine Salt because we used to have lots of trouble with the toxicity and fevers that come during fescue season. When we add 10 Fine into our ration, these problems never come. My animals’ body condition scores are the best he has ever had.” -Kelly

Selenium 90

With 10 Fine being considered a natural starting level, Selenium 90 is a great second tier option for your beef cattle.

Redmond Selenium 90

Available in block or loose minerals, Selenium 90 is fortified with additional selenium to help herds that live in deficient areas. (Here is a soil selenium map from the United States Geological Survey) Selenium is an essential mineral for cattle that boosts immune and reproductive health.

  • Offer 30 days before calving through breeding season
  • Offer free choice (block or loose minerals)
  • Mix in with feed rations

Beef Mineral Mix

If your cattle only have access to poor forage and poor feed, our heavily fortified Beef Mineral Mix can provide much needed peace of mind.

Redmond Beef Mineral Mix

This supplement is fortified with selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, copper, iodine, zinc, and vitamins A, D, and E.

  • Offer to cattle on forage and feed with poorer nutrient density
  • Offer free choice
  • Mix in with feed rations

Custom Made Mixes

If your veterinarian or nutritionist recommends additional fortifications for your animals, talk to us about a custom made mineral supplement tailored to your herd’s needs.

Take Your Mineral Program Further With Conditioner

Want to see even more amazing results from your mineral program? Offer your cattle 1 bag of Redmond Conditioner for every 2-3 bags of mineral salts. This Conditioner contains a blend of our unique mineral salts and the nourishing volcanic clay found on top of our mineral deposit.

 Bentonite for rumen buffering

Redmond Conditioner:

  • Buffers rumen pH just as efficiently as sodium bicarbonate
  • Binds to toxins
  • Aids digestion
  • Improves complete rumen health
  • Is more cost effective than sodium bicarbonate

Help your animals get the most out of their mineral program by conditioning their rumen to top performance. Give Redmond Minerals a call at 866-709-3192 to try our minerals…you, your animals, and your budget will love it!

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