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Which minerals do bison need

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Bison growth rates are slower than other ruminant grazers like cows and sheep. These metabolic differences make it a little more difficult to catch and correct mineral deficiencies. Maintaining a consistent mineral program is the best way to keep these deficiencies at bay.

Your local soil, vegetation, and water sources may dictate the specific mineral needs of your bison, however the following list is an ideal starting point for any bison herd.

Which Minerals Do Bison Need?

According to the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture, there are 7 macrominerals and 8 microminerals that bison need in order to be able to maintain normal function. Macrominerals are required in higher quantities, and microminerals in lower quantities, but both categories are essential.

What minerals do bison need?


  • Magnesium- essential electrolyte, bone development, enzyme activator, regulates blood pressure
  • Sodium- essential electrolyte, cellular acid/base balance, muscle contraction, bile formation
  • Potassium- essential electrolyte, cellular osmotic pressure, muscle contraction, enzyme formation, carbohydrate metabolism 
  • Calcium- essential electrolyte, bone and teeth formation, muscle contraction, milk production
  • Phosphorus- bone and teeth formation, energy metabolism, DNA makeup, enzyme formation 
  • Sulfur- formation of essential amino acids, lipid (fatty acid) metabolism 
  • Chlorine- cellular acid/base balance, gastric juice formation (hydrochloric acid)


  • Iron- hemoglobin, transports oxygen in the blood
  • Copper- hemoglobin formation, hair and bone development 
  • Cobalt- supports rumen bacteria colonies 
  • Manganese- bone formation, growth and reproduction, enzyme production, metabolism management
  • Molybdenum- stimulates rumen, supports healthy microorganisms, enzyme function
  • Zinc- enzyme production for making proteins, metabolism, insulin development
  • Iodine- supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism
  • Selenium- antioxidant, disease prevention, anti-stress response

Redmond Bison Minerals

Bison herds can be a little pickier than other grazers when it comes to mineral supplements. Fortunately, Redmond Minerals has tailored our proven, all natural mineral mixes specifically for bison.

All our mineral mixes are harvested from our Jurassic Era mineral deposit in central Utah. With this expansive profile of over 60 minerals, you can offer your herd everything they are missing from the wide open range. 

Redmond’s higher salt to mineral ratio also makes our minerals much more palatable to your animals. When offered a choice between Redmond and other minerals, they happily choose Redmond every time! With natural sweeteners added to seal the deal, you can stop worrying about your bison getting the minerals they need.

Bison Mineral Testimonials

We often hear from our customers “our animals just do better on Redmond.” Let’s take a closer look at how Redmond has helped bison operations in North America:

“For us, mineral is the biggest health factor in Bison, because if they get low on minerals you’re going to have all kinds of issues. Since we’ve been getting this mineral into them, we’ve had next to no health issues.”

-Nolan Miller (Silver Creek Bison, Binscarth, Manitoba, Canada)

“We have a large herd of bison and beef in the Peace River District of Alberta. Our problem was a low conception rate of 63% and a lack of selenium in our area. Redmond made us a custom mix of salt and mineral for our bison. Bison 90 was born! After 2 years a tremendous improvement in conception rate of 80% was obtained. Our cows are addicted to Redmond!”

-Delano Toews (Spirit River, Alberta)

Bison Minerals

Bison 90

Redmond Bison 90 is a sweetened premium mineral salt with over 60 natural minerals and bison love it! Bison 90 has 90 ppm of added selenium, copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine and zinc. Several of the most respected bison herds in North America enjoy this mix.

Give Redmond Minerals a call today at 866-709-3192 to see how we can help your bison herd thrive!

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