Best Minerals for Livestock: Why Do Animals Prefer Redmond?

When given a choice between Redmond and other mineral supplements, animals go for Redmond every time.

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Jul 15, 2022 12:13:00 PM

Why Do Animals Prefer Redmond Minerals?

We hear from customers all the time, that when given a choice between Redmond and other mineral mixes, their animals go for Redmond every time. The answer lies in the special, and completely natural mix in every grain of our unique salt. Redmond salt comes from our Jurassic sea salt and volcanic deposit in Central Utah and contains a one of a kind blend of 4 salts and over 60 trace minerals. Unlike salts harvested from modern day deposits, Redmond salt has been preserved and protected from modern pollutants. Your animals can tell the difference, and once they start eating it, you will notice the difference too! 

 • Learn more about the Redmond mineral deposit in Utah

Works with Natural Cravings

The term “nutritional intelligence” refers to an animals ability to seek out compounds (minerals/vitamins/etc.) that may be missing from their bodies. Now, most livestock do not have a very sensitive nutritional intelligence for trace micro-minerals, but they sure do for salt! Australian scientist Dr. Derek Denton has been widely regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on this "hunger for salt" and why it is so important. Dr. Denton has found that the desire to eat salts is not a learned behavior, but an instinctual drive to survive:

"salt appetite emerges spontaneously on the animal's first experience of sodium deficiency...It is not an instance of the animal learning by trial and error that salt ingestion relieves the sensations induced by deficiency." 

One of the earliest and strongest instinctual cravings animals gain is for salty electrolytes. This is why Redmond is so easy to offer free choice. Our salt is the best carrier for the trace minerals and vitamin fortifications your animals need, because it works with their natural cravings to encourage intake.

Best minerals for livestock

Tastes Better than Heavy Mineral Mixes

Mixes with a low salt to mineral ratio can taste bitter to your animals. Correcting mineral deficiencies can be really difficult if your animals don’t want to eat them. All Redmond salt has a much more palatable higher salt to mineral ratio, and tastes delicious even if you select an additionally fortified mix. We also offer custom fortifications that can meet your herd's exact mineral needs.

More Complete Electrolyte Profile

Redmond mineral salt simply gives your livestock more of what they need and want. Everyday, your animals are being depleted of electrolytes as they move, sweat, digest, and just live. Salty electrolytes are essential macro-minerals that have many important tasks to perform for your animals:
• Conduct electrical impulses that power the heart, muscles,
central nervous system, etc.
• Maintain healthy acid/base balance (pH levels)
• Move nutrients into cells
• Move waste out of cells
• Balance internal fluid levels (healthy moisture retention)

Summer Range Management White Salt vs Redmond-06

White livestock salt only provides sodium chloride, whereas Redmond mineral salt offers a more complete electrolyte profile with naturally occurring magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride. Our delicious mix of electrolytes are perfectly balanced by nature and efficiently replenish what your animals need.

Simplified and More Affordable

Your animals may not appreciate the economic savings, but you sure will! Redmond’s expansive family of mineral salt products can save you money over expensive heavy mineral mixes. Other products with a low salt to mineral ratio can cause expensive mineral waste as excess minerals are excreted. In contrast, the naturally occurring mineral ratios in Redmond salts mirror the mineral levels found in the blood of healthy what they need without the costly waste.

What Redmond Customers Are Saying

“I have a customer who was feeding other salt blocks when he got some of the Redmond Natural block. He put the Redmond block out next to the other blocks and the cows never touched the other blocks again.” -D.I. Colorado

“I used to feed a formulated mineral package free choice to my Devon Beef cows. Then we put out Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt and Redmond Conditioner mixed with kelp. My cattle chose the Redmond products and quit consuming the formulated mineral. We no longer buy the formulated mineral. I know my cows’ bodies and their coats are shinier and the skin condition they were suffering from went away...The cows seem to be getting progressively better all of the time.” -Lindley Farm and Ranch, Mineola, Texas

“When we learned about Redmond Minerals, we changed the salt to be Redmond Salt and when we did, our animals’ consumption of the expensive mineral went down nearly in half...the cows got a shine in the hair coat that we had never seen before so we knew they were getting what they needed. And that fall we had fewer open cows than we had ever had.” -A.T. Wyoming

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