SR 65 Product Spotlight

A closer look at Redmond's SR 65 mineral salt and clay conditioner mix.

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Jul 9, 2021 7:01:19 PM

To understand what SR 65 has to offer, we first need to dive into the geological deposit where it came from.

What Makes Redmond Special?

More than 200 million years ago, a Jurassic Era sea extended over what is now central Utah. As this ancient sea receded, it left behind a treasure of deep sea and trace minerals. Over time, a volcanic explosion caused a layer of ash to cover this deposit, forming a protective bentonite clay cap. 

Today, the Redmond mineral and clay deposit is the foundation for life nourishing products enjoyed by plants, livestock, and humans alike. Our mineral salts and bentonite clay are harvested and packaged in separate operations, but we are also proud to offer many blended mixes of these two rare and rich resources.

Mineral Salts

Redmond’s mineral salts contain over 60 trace minerals perfectly balanced by nature...the Earth’s ultimate health elixir. Our expansive mineral profile has many proven health benefits for soil, plants, and animals and has been used by farmers for over 50 years. These minerals are naturally blended within a mix of chloride salts.

Salts are important electrolytes that can conduct the microscopic electrical currents powering all living things. Read more in the sections below to see what these mineral salts can do for your land and livestock.

Bentonite Clay

Clay particles have fascinating properties that allow them to easily attract and store certain substances. Redmond’s bentonite clay has spent ages attracting an expansive profile of trace minerals from its deep sea deposit neighbor. These minerals are stored in the clay particles, ready to be released into the soil or living body where they are applied.

SR 65 for Soil Health

SR 65 is a blend of 35% Redmond mineral salts and 65% clay conditioner. It can be applied dry or as a foliar spray to your land. 

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Redmond soil mineral supplement

Mineral Salts

When applied to soil, Redmond’s mineral salts offer a lot of all natural benefits:

  • Increases the electrical conductivity in the soil (which in turn, stimulates soil based microbial colonies)
  • Contains over 60 trace minerals in a crystalline form that is easily accessible and highly available to plants
  • Improves the taste, palatability, and nutrient density of plants
  • Provides crucial minerals needed for: photosynthesis, nitrogen utilization, and other important biological and chemical systems in the soil, root zone and bodies of plants

Clay Conditioners

Redmond’s rich, bentonite clay also provides many great benefits when applied to soil:

  • Improves soil’s ability to store and release water and nutrients (also known as cation exchange capacity) which helps reduce shock and make plants more stress tolerant
  • Stimulates soil enzymes and nourishes a healthy microbe environment
  • Offers an expansive and balanced mineral profile of over 60 trace minerals

SR 65 for Livestock Health

SR 65 is also an effective mineral supplement for all classes of livestock. This same balance of 35% mineral salts and 65% clay conditioner provides many health boosting advantages to your animals.

Redmond animal mineral supplement

Mineral Salts

When offered free choice or as feed rations, the mineral salts in SR 65 are the best nature has to offer:

  • High salt to mineral ratio means no more coercing stubborn animals to eat their minerals. Animals love Redmond and choose it every time over low salt/heavy mineral mixes.
  • Replenishes much needed electrolytes that reduces heat stress
  • Contains over 60 trace minerals that improve overall animal health, leading to happier and more productive animals 

Clay Conditioners

SR 65’s clay conditioners take the nutrition and efficiency of your mineral program to the next level:

  • Rich, bentonite clay particles contain Redmond’s expansive mineral profile
  • Binds to mold and other harmful toxins that can sometimes be found in feed, forage, or silage
  • Promotes digestive health, especially in ruminants (buffers rumen pH, maintains healthy ammonia levels, and improves fiber digestion)
  • Increases feed efficiency by helping your animals get more of what they naturally need out of their food intake

Nature Got It Right

Both you and your animals will enjoy using products free of chemical processing, and that are harvested and packaged direct from nature. Need a different ratio or custom fortifications for deficient areas? Redmond offers custom mixes of our salt and clay conditioners to meet your operation’s exact needs. Contact us today at 866-709-3192!

Want to hear from farmers who have reaped the benefits of using Redmond Minerals? Click the image below to visit our video library and find the testimonials that match your operation.

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