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Redmond minerals can increase your farm's profitability

Posted by Brooke Loeffler on Oct 18, 2022 3:22:05 PM

Redmond Simplifies Your Mineral Program

Selecting the right mineral program for your operation can be a daunting task. There are many animal supplements and soil amendments out there to choose from. After assessing the health needs of each animal and the mineral levels in their soil, forage, and feed...some farmers find themselves drowning in dozens of different mixes and supplements each designed to do about 1 job. 

Here at Redmond, we are happy to offer versatile mineral products that simplify your life and still get the job done. Let’s take a closer look at data and testimonials showing how we can help save you money and give you a greater return on investment!

Redmond Reduces Feed Costs / Improves Feed Efficiency

Redmond’s mineral mixes and clay conditioners can help your animals get more out of their feed rations. Customers using Redmond products often see less raw feed in their livestock’s manure.

“I like the Redmond Mineral program because it is simple. I give my cows 8-16 ounces of Conditioner and 4 oz. of Redmond salt. Using Redmond I’ve removed about 1-2 pounds of protein per cow per day from the ration. I watch my M.U.N. levels. Redmond makes my feed efficiency very high. My D.H.I.A. SCC is 135,000 or lower. Milk production is 70 pounds with a 4.1%F & 3.3%P.”

 - L. Dairy, Pennsylvania

“Our mineral program was $9,000 per month. We switched to the Redmond Mineral Program. It now costs me about $2,500 per month.”

 - T.D. Dairy, Idaho

Redmond Improves Reproductive Health

Fertility health is directly connected to the profitability of any livestock operation. Redmond’s customers have seen significant improvements in heats and conception rates when they switch to our mineral program.

“With Redmond, my herd’s somatic cell count has dropped and their reproductive efficiency has improved as the first service conception rates have increased.”

- Jay Yardley, UT

Redmond increases dairy conception rates

Redmond increases conception rates

Redmond can reduce Vet Costs

Healthier animals means fewer emergency vet calls, reduced drug costs, and reduced profit loss due to sick animals. Redmond’s mineral profile has many immune boosting benefits, and we also offer selenium fortified mixes to improve immune health in deficient areas. Our customers are happy to report that Redmond minerals help their animals transition more easily after birthing, and reduce instances of fever, hoof disease, scours, and other diseases. 

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Redmond Improves Production

Redmond products are so versatile, they can improve production for livestock and crop operations alike!


Customers who switched to Redmond have enjoyed improved milk production, and increased milk fat and protein levels.

“I went onto Redmond Mineral Program in 2009. The milk prices were low then and money was very tight. I have stayed with Redmond ever since and have been very happy. In 2012 I had liver biopsies done on my cows to check the mineral levels. The results were very good and this gave me even more confidence in the program. Redmond has saved me a lot of money and the cow health, repro, milk production are all very good. The fat is 3.9% and protein is 3.3%. I feed my cows Redmond’s SR 65 in the TMR and free choice Redmond Salt. My heifers get free choice Redmond Salt and Conditioner only.”

- K dairy, Idaho

Redmond increases milk fat and protein

Redmond improves milk yield and quality

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Redmond minerals can increase weaning weights, finishing weights, and improve body condition scores for your entire herd.

“Here at our feedlot, we use the Redmond Salt and the Redmond Conditioner all the way through from start to finish. We like what the Redmond Minerals do for the cattle. Our gains are good, but our yields are really great. In this business standard yields are 63 to 63.5%; we consistently get 64.5% or more all the time, and that increase is significant.”

-Ed Kaup

“Redmond products have really been a blessing. I use Redmond #10 Fine Salt because we used to have lots of trouble with the toxicity and fevers that come during Fescue season. When we add 10 Fine into our ration, these problems never come. My animals’ body condition scores are the best he has ever had.”


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Improved Plant quality (Crops or Forage)

Whether you grow forage for your livestock or harvest crops to sell, Redmond can improve production and help you grow higher quality plants. Applying Redmond minerals and clay conditioners to your soil can increase the total digestible nutrients (TDN), Brix readings, and relative feed values (RFV) of your vegetation.

“Got myself overwhelmed with the thickest stand of alfalfa we have ever had—due to the sea minerals—as that is the only thing that was different from other years.”

 -Sue Ramsey, Oregon

“We grass finish cattle and had to move some 1200 lb. steers from the normal winter annual finishing pastures (cereal rye) to a meadow brome field because of early spring heat. These steers were already fairly fat and though the meadow brome looked good, they stopped gaining. We decided to put the sea minerals to the test. We pumped 3 lbs. per acre of Redmond Sea Minerals through the pivot with around 6/10 inch of water per acre. The brome had been well watered but the Brix reading had been around 11. Two days after the sea mineral treatment the Brix reading was 20. The first week those steer gained in excess of 4.5 lbs./day. Weekly weights from that point averaged approximately 3 lbs./day until finished from just that one application. If a guy has a pivot and an injector on it, it is a no-brainer to do this. The cost is nothing and the benefit is major.”

- Michael Davis, New Mexico

Redmond improves plant quality


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How Redmond Products Are Different

Not all salt is created equal...Redmond products are geologically unique and a cut above the rest. Fillers and byproducts weigh down your budget, while Redmond gives your animals and soil what they need without making you pay for stuff they don't.  

Higher Salt to Mineral Ratio

Heavy mineral mixes with a low salt to mineral ratio are expensive and a lot less palatable to your animals. You will end up spending even more money adding things to these mixes just to get your animals to eat them. Not all animals have the “nutritional wisdom” to seek out specific minerals to correct deficiencies...except for salt! Salt cravings are a powerful natural impulse that can be harnessed to improve herd health.

Redmond’s naturally higher salt to mineral ratio uses your animals’ natural cravings to encourage the right intake. When offered a choice between Redmond and other mineral mixes, animals choose Redmond every time. Because of their animals’ preference toward Redmond products, farmers can significantly reduce the intake of the expensive mineral mixes. Most people report a 50% reduction!

More Versatile Products

Redmond Minerals can save you time and money by offering 1 stop shopping to nourish all classes of livestock:

Our minerals can also be used for your soil and vegetation! Just follow the packaging instructions on dry or foliar spray applications and you are good to go.

Redmond’s mineral conditioner is the perfect example of our versatility. Instead of buying separate toxin binders, rumen buffers, and mineral supplements for your ruminants, try this nourishing bentonite clay mix and get the benefits of 3 products for the price of 1!

More Expansive Mineral Profile

All Redmond products are harvested from our Jurassic Era mineral and bentonite clay deposit in central Utah. Our natural profile of over 60 trace minerals has been perfectly balanced by nature with the trace minerals your land and livestock need to help them thrive. Give Redmond a call at 866-709-3192 to see how Redmond can help your operation.

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