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An overview of the Redmond Minerals sheep program

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Since the 1950s, Redmond Minerals has supported successful farms of all sizes with our unique mineral and volcanic harvests from central Utah. We know Nature Has it Right™, and that your animals' systems respond best to nature made formulas. That's why our products all start with a foundation of our ancient sea minerals, volcanic clay, or a combination of the two. Then, our livestock health and nutrition experts specially formulate to meet each species needs. We also are happy to work with you to create custom mixes that are tailored to your specifications.

Redmond natural sea minerals and clay products for beef cattle

Sheep Health Concerns

Redmond Minerals offers a wide line of mineral and clay products that have proven benefits for helping sheep through all stages of life. Sheep farming can be extremely rewarding, and we care deeply about helping you with a range of concerns so you are able to get back to what you love about raising animals. Click on each of the topics below to learn how Redmond can help your flock thrive:

mineral deficiencies

  • Redmond doesn't make you pay for fillers that your animals don't need. The salty electrolytes in our deposit mirror the mineral profile found in healthy livestock blood, both in type and concentration. That's why our salt excels at replenishing those minerals, essential for sheep health, without the waste.

Copper toxicity

  • Copper is an essential micro-mineral for sheep, but they have the most narrow tolerance than any other livestock species. Because sheep process copper differently than other animals, they should only eat feed and minerals specially formulated or dosed for sheep to guard against both deficiencies and copper poisoning.

Wool and Coat Quality

  • According to the The National Institute of Health, "it is shown that in sheep bentonite increases wool growth.” Bentonite supplementation reduces colonies of wool depleting protozoa in their rumen so their coats can grow more productively.


  • Most North American soils are low in selenium, making it a common deficiency for grazing sheep. As an antioxidant essential for immune health, selenium fortified Redmond mineral mixes are the perfect choice to keep diseases down in your animals.

rumen acidosis

  • Ruminal acidosis can completely shut down a sheep's digestive system and even result in death losses. This down spiral through sub-acute and acute acidosis can be reversed and prevented with a powerful rumen buffer (sodium bentonite) along with feed and carbohydrate adjustments. 

Feed toxin binding

  • Molds and mycotoxins can be problem whether you grow feed for your livestock or purchase from a supplier. Independent studies find that bentonite clay is an effective toxin binder both inside a sheep's digestive system, and as a soil amendment to reduce toxin counts in feed crops.

Mastitis and udder health

  • Swollen teats, mastitis, and other problems can afflict any lactating animal. Reducing swelling, redness, and heat in affected tissue makes milking more comfortable and productive for your ewes. Redmond's pre-hydrated bentonite clay + essential oils are the perfect treatment for both organic and traditional farms.

Redmond Sheep Supplements

Redmond sheep products are specially formulated to help your flock:

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For minerals plus fly and biting pest control, we offer 10 Fine with Garlic; a powerful and natural solution to complicated and costly pest repellants. 10 Fine with Garlic metabolizes through the hide to protect your sheep from blood stealing biters all year long. Offer free choice or at .25-.50 oz. (or 2-4 tsp) per head per day or free choice.

Year Round Sheep Mineral Needs

Redmond Sheep Mineral Mix contains the essential macro-minerals, micro-minerals, and supplemented vitamins that sheep need. Free of fillers and byproducts your animals don't need, our minerals use your flock's natural craving for salty electrolytes to encourage intake. Sensitive to the differences between goats and sheep, our sheep minerals contain safe and healthy levels of copper to protect your animals from copper toxicity.    

Minerals And Conditioner

For the best results, pair 2-3 parts mineral salts with 1 part Redmond Conditioner. This rich volcanic clay supplement conditions sheep rumen to operate at peak efficiency, and helps them get the most out of their diet.

Add Ons

Redmond First Month is an efficient immune stimulator for the first month of a newborn lamb's life. Protect your newborn lambs' delicate immunity and gut health from dehydration, scours, and other problems. First Month can be bottle or syringe fed at 2 grams total per day (or spread among feedings), and easily mixes into milk, colostrum, or your preferred replacers.

Ease milking time with Udder Mud™, an all natural bentonite clay salve that inhibits infection, reduces swelling, and relieves mastitis symptoms for your lactating ewes.

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