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An overview of the Redmond Minerals beef cattle program

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Since the 1950s, Redmond Minerals has supported successful farms of all sizes with our unique mineral and volcanic harvests from central Utah. We know Nature Has it Right™, and that your animals' systems respond best to nature made formulas. That's why our products all start with a foundation of our ancient sea minerals, volcanic clay, or a combination of the two. Then, our livestock health and nutrition experts specially formulate to meet each species needs. We also are happy to work with you to create custom mixes that are tailored to your specifications.

Redmond natural sea minerals and clay products for beef cattle

Beef Cattle Health Concerns

Redmond is proud to offer a family of mineral and clay products that have proven benefits for helping beef cattle through all stages of life. We care deeply about helping you and your herd with a broad range of concerns so you are able to get back to what you love about raising animals. Click on each of the categories below to learn how Redmond can help your cattle operation thrive:

Rumen health

  • Beef operations commonly look to sodium bicarbonate (bicarb) to help with rumen acid control. But did you know that nature made something better than bicarb? Redmond's volcanic, sodium bentonite buffers rumen acid just as well as bicarb, but also does so much more. Don't settle for just acid buffering, when you can also improve feed efficiency, fiber digestion, control ammonia levels, and bind to feed toxins at the same time.

Conception rates

  • Cattle farms across the country are happy to report stronger heats, improved conception rates, successful pregnancies in problem animals, and noticeable savings after switching to Redmond Minerals. 

Grass tetany

  • Low magnesium levels in soil and forage are dangerous for grazing cattle, and can cause grass tetany any time of year (although it most commonly occurs in the springtime). Cattle at any life stage can get grass tetany, so preventing magnesium deficiency is the best way to protect your herd year round.


  • Most North American soils are low in selenium, making it a common deficiency for grazing and foraging cattle. As an antioxidant essential for immune health, selenium fortified Redmond mineral mixes are the perfect choice to help keep diseases down in your herd.

biting pest and fly control

  • Flies, ticks, and other biting pests rob your cattle of blood, vital nutrients, and energy. Redmond can simplify your pest prevention program and help you ditch the sprays, roll-ons, ear tags, and hassle of constantly switching pesticides. Instead, Redmond uses the natural power of garlic as effective fly control for your herd...and good news, it doesn't taint the quality of meat or milk!

Bull Fertility

  • Protecting your bulls' blood mineral levels and rumen function, supports the systems needed for healthy breeding soundness examinations (which measure sperm motility, scrotal circumference, and sperm morphology).

Iron deficiency

  • Mineral deficiencies, like iron, in cattle can be difficult to diagnose before they start hurting your farm's production. Remember, that mineral and nutrient levels in your forage vary over the course of the year, so maintaining a mineral program for your cattle is the best way to fill in the gaps in their diet.

Blood mineral levels

  • Heavy mineral mixes can be bitter, out of balance, and result in a lot of mineral waste. Fortunately, the minerals at the Redmond deposit mirror the mineral profile found in healthy livestock blood, both in type and concentration. That's why our salt excels at replenishing those minerals, essential for your herd's health, without the waste. Liver biopsy results show that Redmond's minerals will help your cattle maintain proper mineral levels all year long.

Calf mortality rates

  • When scours and dehydration hit, it can be very difficult to treat and reduce calf mortality rates quick enough. Having an all natural, calf immune stimulator ready before calving season starts is the best way to prevent and treat scours. Testing conducted by the experts at UC Davis Veterinary College have found that supplementing with smectite (bentonite) clays can reduce death losses by 63%!

Feed toxin binding

  • Mycotoxins and mold can be a problem whether you grow feed for your livestock or purchase from a supplier. Independent studies show that bentonite clay is an effective toxin binder both inside your cattle's digestive system, and as a soil supplement to reduce toxin counts in feed crops.

ruminal Acidosis

  • Ruminal acidosis can completely shut down the cattle digestive system and even result in death losses. This downward spiral through sub-acute and acute acidosis can be reversed and prevented with a powerful rumen buffer (like sodium bentonite) along with feed and carbohydrate adjustments. 

Stronger heats

  • Strong heats and estrus cycles are directly linked to healthy body condition scores and thriving rumen. The winning combination of Redmond minerals and our volcanic conditioners can help you nourish heifer fertility and increase productivity for your beef operation. 

weather and heat stress 

  • During the hot summer months, your animals are losing more than just water. Heat and humidity also strip your herd of essential electrolytes that must be replenished daily. Unfortunately, white salt supplements only offer 1 salty electrolyte (sodium chloride). Luckily, Redmond Minerals contain a nature balanced blend of 4 electrolyte salts and over 60 trace minerals.

Drought Management

  • Summer droughts can be very harmful to animal health, forage quality, and production. Electrolytes and minerals are a key tool for helping your herd thrive even during drought conditions.

Redmond Beef Cattle Supplements

Redmond beef cattle products are broken down into 3 tiers so you can select the best products for your needs.

Redmond beef cattle mineral program

Tier 1

For cattle on high quality feed and forage, we recommend Redmond 10 Fine, an OMRI Listed™, premium mineral salt with over 60 naturally occurring minerals your cattle need. 10 Fine can be offered free choice or mixed in with feed rations at 2-4 oz. per head per day.

For added fly and biting pest control, we offer 10 Fine with Garlic; a powerful and natural solution to complicated and costly pest repellants. 10 Fine with Garlic metabolizes through the hide to protect your animals from pesky bites all year long. Offer free choice or at 2-4 oz. per head per day in rations.


For cattle on lower quality forages lacking some trace minerals, we recommend Selenium 90, which is specially fortified to protect your animals from deficiencies. Selenium 90 has added selenium, manganese, cobalt, iodine, and zinc, and can be offered free choice or added to rations at 2-4 oz. per head per day.

Tier 3

For poor quality forages and hay, we recommend Beef Mineral that contains extra selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, copper, iodine, zinc, and vitamins A, D, and E. This can also be offered free choice or mixed with rations at 2-4 oz. per head per day.

Minerals + Conditioner

To get the best results out of your mineral program, pair 2-3 parts mineral salts with Redmond Conditioner. This rich volcanic clay supplement conditions cattle rumen to operate at peak efficiency, and helps them get the most out of their diet.


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